The Best of The Best Spa Resorts

Summertime is synonymous with spa resorts for Queen Cheap. I have had the honor to soak in some of the greatest spas in the world…some as a guest and some as a young 20 year old slyly sneaking in with no one the wiser.

So in celebration of summer R&R I bring you my top 3 spas in the world…are they cheap…mmm depends on the country and exchange rate. But they are certainly worth that extra little money you’ve been saving for a rainy day.

The Best of The Best Spa Resorts

1. Movenpick Spa at the Dead Sea, Jordan; , 2. Maya Ubud Resort and SpaBali, Indonesia 3. The Spa at The Standard Miami, FL

1.Zara Spa Movenpick Resort Dead Sea, Jordan

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The Dead Sea is honestly the most magical place on Earth. Floating in the healing waters and slathering yourself with the magic mud is a spa experience enough!…but then the Movenpick takes spa-ing to the next level at their Zara Spa location in Jordan.

The spa is absolutely enormous. There are several different pools for bathing including a Kneipp Pool, Hydro Pool, 2 Dead Sea Pools, and and Infinity Pool. After bathing in all 5 pools you will have died and gone to hydrotherapy heaven.
The treatment rooms are also extremely impressive including various sauna and steam rooms to use in between your treatments.
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Information From the Zara Spa website:

Zara Spa is one of the most advanced spa complexes in the Middle East and unique in Jordan, featuring 6,000 square metres dedicated to pampering the senses, relaxing, revitalising and refreshing the mind.

Our professional team of therapists will guide you through the extensive facilities, offering hydro-pools, whirlpools, pools with varying saline concentration, steam rooms, tropical scent showers, 31 treatment rooms, a VIP royal therapy suite and up to 70 à la carte treatments and massages.

Entrance and treatment fees apply. Entrance to the spa is not allowed for guests below 18 years of age.

Zara Spa Experience is complimentary when you book any of our treatments with a minimum value of JD 100 per day/person.

Spa features
hydro-pools and whirlpools
pools with varying saline concentration
steam rooms
tropical scent showers
31 treatment rooms
a VIP royal therapy suite
up to 70 à la carte treatments and massages

And the best part…after your amazing spa experience you get to float in the Dead Sea.
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2. Maya Ubud Resort and Spa Bali, Indonesia

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This gorgeous spa is nestled along a river in a lush rainforest valley. You truely feel immersed in nature yet luxuries abound. I could live here permanently. Absolutely. The spa is right along the river, and if you cannot relax here I don’t think you can relax anywhere.
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From the Maya Ubud Spa website:

Balancing the human senses through holistic harmony is elevated to the highest level at the Spa at Maya. From the simplest treatment to an extended sensory journey, skilled and caring therapists have but one goal – to create memorable experiences for guests.

Approaching the Spa at Maya is in itself the promise of something special. Descending by elevator to river level is like entering a secret realm of wellness and pampering. The lush river valley extends calm and tranquility as dappled sunlight adds highlights to the natural surroundings.

From the central reception pavilion, walkways wind through lush foliage to private treatment pavilions, which are complete with daybeds overlooking the valley – ideal for after-treatment relaxation and refreshments, and with bathtubs, outdoor showers and toilet facilities. With views out to the rainforest valley on one side and the vertical gardens of the valley wall to the other, the pavilions are personal havens in which to enjoy a variety of specialty massages, body re-charge treatments and extended spa packages.

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3. Standard Spa Miami, Florida

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The Standard Spa in Miami is on my top list for a few reasons.
1. It’s easy and cheap to travel to…Florida is always a cheap destination.
2. The Turkish Hamam is a relaxing and invigorating way to “spa” the Turkish way. There are usually multiple steam rooms and soaking tubs. You are encouraged to pour buckets of freezing water over your head after you sweat…it’s an exercise for the skin.
3. The selection of fitness and wellness classes…my top pick is the Paddleboard Yoga class.

Next on my list…I’d love to try the Dhoni Suites…