Spa Week NYC 2015: $50 Spa Treatments + Extra 10% Off

Uh oh, Spa Week NYC 2015 is back with it’s insane spa deals. I’m practically hyperventilating over the high end services being offered for only $50 across the country. I’m going to do a Spa-a-thon of spa services in 3 days…I have no choice with these crazy deals.

Spa Week is that time of year when spas across the United States offer $50 services for 3 days only. The spa services range from facials to botox, ayurvedic shirodhara, cellulite treatments, pedicures/manicures, laser treatments, photo facials, haircuts, and much much much more.

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The services are $50, and Queen Cheap has a couple of tips and tricks up her sleeve that will help you save 10% or more off of your Spa Week spa treatment. Read on for key info on additional savings and recommendations for Spa Week NYC spa treatments.

Spa Week NYC + Locations Across The U.S. April 13-16

April 13-16 are the official days of Spa Week 2015. You must book your $50 treatments on those days, and those days only.

Find A Spa Week Spa

Go to the Spa Week website to search for spas in your city that are offering services. The menu will show you exactly which select services are being offered at the spa for $50.

Pro Tip: The bigger the city, the better the treatments/deals. If you are in a small town, check the closest large city for the best deals.

How To Save Extra Money On Your Spa Week Treatments

Queen Cheap’s pro tip for extra spa savings:
Buy a $50Spa Week gift card with Queen Cheap’s special 10% off coupon code by clicking HERE.

Spa and Wellness Gift Card

That’s right, pay only $45 for your $50 spa treatment! All you have to do is bring your $50 gift card with you to the appointment. Make sure your spa accepts Spa Week gift cards before making this purchase. Most likely they do, but it’s always important to check!

Top Picks For NYC Spa Week 2015 Services

Here are my top picks for NYC Spa Week 2015 services…happy spa-ing!

New York Ayurveda

Recommended Treatment: Sampling Ayurveda…this will be the most amazing 60 minutes of your life. I can’t believe they are giving all of those Ayurvedic samplings for only $50!! Shriodhara alone is usually $100+!

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Q Flatiron

Recommended Treatment: Infinity Float Session for Stress Relief and Detoxification. Have a “Sensory Deprivation Experience” inside their expansive Float room.  Check out more details from their website:

You will float EFFORTLESSLY in a warm, dense solution of Epsom salt, about 10” deep for 60 minutes. There will be no forces of gravity, light, sound, or tactile sensations. Without any external stimuli whatsoever, your awareness and focus will shift INWARD and help you experience the most incredible form of stress relief, relaxation and detoxification available. Years of well-documented testing and research reveal that floating can help to RELIEVE PAIN, TREAT ANXIETY, PROMOTE RELAXATION, IMPROVE CONCENTRATION- SLEEP- CREATIVITY and so much more.

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Skin Bar Med Spa NYC

Recommended Treatment: IPL Photofacial or laser hair removal.

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Antoinette Boudoir Salon

Recommended Treatment:Crystal or Diamond Microdermabrasion with 24 Karat Gold Mask.

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Argana Day Spa Brooklyn

Recommended Treatment: Moroccan Hammam with Exfoliation. The Moroccan Hammam is one treatment to try if you’re a newbie or a hammam expert. My forays in the Middle East found me many a day luxuriating at the local hammam. You steam, you’re scrubbed, you’re bathed, you’re rinsed, and its all repeated. You honestly feel like a new person post-Hammam. highly recommended!

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Happy Spa-a-thon my fellow readers! Rest. Relax. Restore. Repeat.

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