Target Free Credit Monitoring – Sign Up by April 23!!!

Sign up by April 23rd for Target Free Credit Monitoring. After last year’s Target PR nightmare leaving 110 million customers vulnerable to identity theft, Target is offering its customers free credit monitoring and identity theft protection with Experian’s ProtectMyID. I was a victim of identity theft last year, and it really is not fun. I am gratefully accepting Target’s free offer as I need to keep my credit monitored for identity theft for the next few years.
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How To Get Target’s Free Credit Monitoring

Visit to request an activation code. YOU MUST REQUEST THIS CODE BY APRIL 23. Once you receive the code (usually takes 72 hours), you will need register for the offer through ProtectMyID before April 30, 2014.

Here’s more details from Target’s Website

Enrolling online is fast, secure, easy and accessible at any time. Here’s how to register:

Visit to request an activation code. Guests will be required to submit their name and an email address. After submitting their information, Target will email guests within 72 hours with their unique activation code and directions for how to enroll in ProtectMyID. Guests should look for this email and check that it does not end up in a “junk” mailbox. Emails collected during this process will only be used for the purpose of sending an activation code for free credit monitoring.
After guests receive their activation code from Target, they may visit and use the code to start the enrollment process. It will be important for guests to verify the code they enter matches the notification they received from Target. Also, guests must be sure to click the red “Click to Redeem Your Activation Code” button (or use the “ENTER” key).
Enroll in ProtectMyID: Guests will need to provide Experian with personal information, such as name, address, date of birth and social security number. Experian asks for personal information so that identities can be verified during the registration process and future log-ins. This is strictly a security measure to ensure no one else, including Target, will have access to your information.
After completing these steps, guests can begin to take advantage of all the ProtectMyID features.

What You Get Through Target’s Free Credit Monitoring

According to the Target website:

In addition to a complimentary copy of their credit report, guests who sign up will receive daily credit monitoring, identity theft insurance (except where prohibited by law), and have access to personalized assistance from a highly trained Fraud Resolution Agent. Access to the Fraud Resolution Agent will continue even after other benefits of the initial one-year ProtectMyID membership expire. After 12 months, those who register have the option to continue their memberships at their own expense.

This ProtectMyID package includes the necessary tools guests need for credit monitoring and identity theft protection. It does not include Experian credit score or reports from Equifax and TransUnion. When visiting the enrollment site, guests will have the option to purchase these additional products at their own expense if they choose, but are not required to purchase a credit score to receive the benefits of credit monitoring and identity theft protection.

For more information, you can visit Target’s Credit Monitoring FAQ to learn more about the offer and find answers to commonly asked questions. Continue to visit for the latest news and updates and to verify all official communication from Target.