Vitamix Blenders On Sale!

Vitamix Blenders On Sale at Williams Sonoma both in stores, online, AND in their outlets.

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Why Vitamix Is Worth The Price

I’ve had all of the blenders you could think of:
Black and Decker: Had this in college and actually for the price point it’s much better than you would think!
Magic Bullet Nutribullet: This was a Christmas present from my nutrition loving frugal dad. It fell apart a year later. Still appreciate it though!
The Ninja: I had such high hopes for the Ninja, but it failed to deliver. It could not liquidize my green veggies, not even spinach. On top of that the blender and food processor both became warped within 2 months of use making the entire machine inoperable because I could not get the lid on.

So if you add up all of my failed blender attempts, you basically get the price of the pricey (BUT WORTH IT) Vitamix. Why is Vitamix worth it? They have a 5 year manufacture’s warranty and these machines hold their value. They are indestructable and will last you for years.

And…right now Vitamix is on sale at Williams Sonoma!

Vitamix Blenders On Sale At Williams and Sonoma

The best deal for the Vitamiz sale at Williams and Sonoma is the Vitamix S30 Personal Blender for only $399.95 online (marked down from $500).

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Williams and Sonoma Outlet Locations

If you are lucky enough to live close to a Williams and Sonoma outlet, you will find the Vitamix blender for about $50 cheaper than online or in regular stores. Here is a list of where to find a Williams and Sonoma outlet from Outlet Locations:

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