Blogging Silence In Memory of Wyatt Neumann

Queen Cheap has been silent for more than a week now. I have been very busy supporting the family of my dear friend, renowned photographer, Wyatt Neumann. He passed tragically too soon leaving two adorable children and his devoted wife.

TAXI! 🚕👋👋 #dadlife

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I have no words at this point to describe this feeling of loss. A week before his passing, I wrote an article about living each day as if it were your last. Wyatt was actually a huge inspiration for this article as his motto was always to live life to the fullest because #momementslikethisneverlast.

The last time I saw him, only a week and half ago, he officially asked me to be the godmother to his son (pictured below from Wyatt’s Instagram).

this little boy is magic and I’m missing him a ton today. #bestfriend #dadlife

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I said of course, that I was so committed to being an integral part of his life. I hugged Wyatt extra tight because, in a very tragic ironic spin, on this particular day I thought MY days were numbered as I awaited my doctor’s lab results for cancer. I hugged him tight, knowing that moments like this do not last. My last memory is of him walking across the meadow in Prospect Park to get on his motorcycle and work. That man loved his family, his work, AND his motorcycles.

Wyatt’s legacy lives on in his art, his adorable children, and the imprint he left on each and every one of us. His sudden passing reminds me to hug your loved ones tight, forget the small stuff, and support the friends who need you. Wyatt would be so proud of all of his friends and family who have stepped up to take care of his wife and kids. It is a long journey of grief and learning to move on. All we can do is take baby steps and truly live each day as if it were our last.

Donate To The Wyatt Neumann Family Fund

You can donate to the Wyatt Neumann Family Fund here.

You can read more info on his life and work in this article on Advertising Age.

days like today like ftw #dadlife

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