Yoga Vida Dumbo: Brooklyn Yoga’s Best

Yoga Vida Dumbo has quickly become my favorite yoga studio in Brooklyn. Its’ serene design, welcoming staff, expert teachers, and infrared steam room will make you want to call this studio your om away from home. The interior is a pristine cavernous two story space with two yoga studios, a clothing shop, locker rooms and a lovely lounge area. They have a great deal for new students $25 for 2 weeks unlimited.

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At Yoga Vida we make yoga accessible and inclusive – without judgment, pressure or demands. This is yoga for everyone!

Founded by Hilaria Baldwin and Mike Patton, Yoga Vida’s mission is “to build a community that supports healthier, happier lives.” They have definitely built a community with their network of yoga studios in Union Square, Noho, Tribeca and Dumbo.

The front staff is always extremely helpful. There is a large pool of teachers and classes to choose from. Most teachers have gone through the Yoga Vida training. Classes are a more pure style of yoga and definitely accessible to all levels. There is good focus on alignment and breath. I’m always very impressed by the teachers’ cueing and hands on assists.

Yoga Vida Dumbo Class Descriptions

Yoga Vida offers both heated and non-heated classes. Here is a link to their schedule. Classes vary per location, the Dumbo location features heated flow, non-heated flow, prenatal, postnatal, restorative, basics, deep flow, and candlelit classes (those are my favorite).

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The Yoga Vida method connects purposeful movements with conscious breath, and our educational approach improves body awareness and promotes individual choice

They heat their classes using infrared heating. I’m a big fan of the therapeutic benefits of practicing yoga in an infrared heated room. According to their website’s about page, “Full spectrum infrared panels heat the room to a comfortable 80-90 degrees creating an extra rejuvenating, detoxifying, and de-stressing yoga experience. Unlike traditional hot yoga (like Bikram), we use infrared panels to heat the room (and students) from the inside out – as core temperatures rise, so does the room.”

I always get a good sweat in their classes, but it’s not an unbearable heat where you feel like you are going to pass out. You do get sweaty, but at the same time the class feels therapeutic. My skin always glows after the heated classes (followed by a trip to the steam room).

Lounge space near locker rooms.

Lounge space near locker rooms.

Yoda Vida Dumbo Infrared Steam Room

The infrared steam room at Yoga Vida Dumbo is such a great amenity. It is never crowded and is always kept very clean. If you buy a yoga class, you get access to the steam room. Monthly and yearly members can use the steam room even if they are not attending a yoga class. If you just want to purchase a drop-in for the steam room, it’s $15 per session. Towels are an additional $2 to rent, or you can bring your own.

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Yoga Vida Pricing

I’m most impressed at how low Yoga Vida has kept their pricing. Here is a link to all pricing options at Yoga Vida. Packages you purchase can be used at any of the studios in Manhattan and Brooklyn. The $25 for 2 weeks unlimited deal is an amazing deal, especially because you get use of the steam room. They also offer 30% off for students, faculty, seniors, and veterans. They were on Gily

Yoga Vida On Demand Yoga For Cheap

If you cannot make it to the studio, Yoga Vida has very cheap online yoga classes for just $5/mo here. Enjoy!